Welcome to the Ambassador program for large accounts!

Relay the communication of your brand on all the social networks of all your points of sale simultaneously!
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All the social networks of your affiliates!

Each franchisee connects their social networks to our interface in a completely secure way.

At no time do we have access to their identifiers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok but also Google My Business!

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Every franchisee follows your brand!

You can create one or more brands and we automatically affiliate each franchisee to your brands so that everyone can benefit from the communications initiated by the head office.

From now on, you will be able to post automatically on all the social networks of your franchisees!

No action is needed on their part!

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Your posts in one entry!

Create your posts through your administrator account at headquarters level: images, clickable images, videos, multi-images and add personalization elements for each of your advisers!

Track your Posts statistics and your Apiscore!

A single post needed to automatically generate thousands of them!

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Plan your posts in advance!

Schedule your publications in advance to optimize your digital visibility!

Use the recurring post mode for certain key publications!

Modify upcoming publications or recall your published posts in 1 click!

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Build your Posts Library!

Offer your franchisees even more contents from your brand!

They can browse your library of ready-to-go posts!

All they have to do is select the date and time of publication!

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Enter a new dimension of communication!

Switch to Total communication!

Emojis and Shortcuts

Use shortcuts to write personalized posts for your franchisees, branches and other outlets!

Programming of dates and times

Schedule your posts on the dates and times you want!

Selection of social medias

For each of your posts, select the social networks concerned!

Statistics of your posts

Follow the statistics of each post and globally!